Sunday, August 28, 2011


As one continues to enjoy the last days of summer one cannot help but feel that fall is just around the corner.

The songbirds that once filled the air with their chatter is slowly starting to become quiet as they began their long migration to warmer temperatures. The leaves are beginning to turn from deep green to the array of orange, yellow and reds and some are even starting to fall to the ground. The sunrise is later and the sunsets are now sooner...ahhh fall is coming. It is time to make sure you have as many days at the outdoor pool, riding your bike on the trails, picnics and baseball games as one can.

A sure sign that fall is arriving... the schools will be filled with excited children as they start in a new grade, with new teachers, new books, new learning and possibly new friends. For you see not everything in the fall is an ending! For some it is a beginning.

It is all how you perceive it. I enjoy fall. I enjoy the glorious colors, the cooler winds that blow and watching animals such as the squirrels begin to gather their stores for the winter. Fall is my sign that winter is on its way and I LOVE WINTER!!!

With that, I hope you all take the time to enjoy everyday that you are given and find at least one thing in your day to smile about.


  1. Lovely post and I agree it's your perspective. For me, I love hiking in Fall when all the leaves are changing - it's beautiful.

  2. I cannot wait to see how your portray winter. I love winter too...we must stick together.